April 5, 2016, the TNT passes to high definition (HD) - Entreprise Travaux Electriques

April 5, 2016, the TNT passes to high definition (HD)

Digital terrestrial television (TNT in french) modernizes in accelerating the spread of HD: from 5 April 2016, most of the channels will be broadcast in HD with better image and sound quality.

This technical operation will be in one night, 4th April 5, 2016, on any of the metropolitan France.

What to do to be ready April 5, 2016?

If you receive the TNT by a rake antenna, should be compatible with HD equipment to continue receiving television from April 5, 2016.

If your equipment is not HD compatible, you receive more television. It is important to check its television material before that date and to equip themselves if necessary. If a TV is not HD compatible, it is not necessary to change it. A standard MPEG-4-compatible adapter is necessary (€ 25/30).

If your equipment is already compatible, you should only perform a search operation and memorization of chains April 5, 2016.