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General electricity

Electrical Installations

SAS ETE installs electrical systems for both indoors and outdoors.

Very often after work has been carried out, people realise that power supplies, sockets or switches have been forgotten ...

Whether your home is being built, for a renovation or an extension, SAS ETE is there for you early on in the development of your project to bring the convenience and comfort you need for proper management of electrical circuits for the future.

Once the specifications have been established, we carry out the electrical installation on this basis with, if necessary, the flexibility to make any changes that would be useful to improve the environment..

Compliance with electrical standards

If you move into or live in a house where the electrical system no longer complies with the standards or is very old, making it compliant is essential to avoid, first and foremost, any risk of incident or accident.

The consumer unit is the key element in electrical compliance because it’s where the highest concentration of risk is, which is primarily fire.

It must be easily accessible, situated as close as possible to the main circuit breaker and shouldn’t be near a source of heat.

It must have adequate RCDs and protective circuit breakers for the required number of circuits. A lightning protector is often advisable.

If the compliance of your electrical installation requires changing the consumer unit, various operations are necessary and can be provided.

The current standard

For new electrical installations, these must comply with standard NFC 15-100. In certain cases it is obligatory for an expert to test the system to verify the conformity of the electrical installation, and in others it is highly recommended.

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Access security

Burglar alarm

An intrusion detection system involves fitting automatic detection means such as door contacts and radars, to warn of a break-in, or attempted break-in, in a monitored area.

The aim of burglar alarm systems is to improve the security of protected residences.

Contrary to what you might think, installing such a system does not require major work to be carried out, as nowadays many systems use radio communication.

No wires, cable ducts or other accessories that would interfere with the layout of your rooms.

This is a great option, particularly when the burglar alarm system must be installed as part of a renovation or to simply complement the existing installations.

Video surveillance

With the aid of video surveillance, you can secure your home with peace of mind. This system allows you to monitor a property whilst on-site or remotely and therefore reassures you about potential burglary risks. It is an excellent complement to burglary detection systems.

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Fire safety

Fire is an accident that can cause serious damage to property and people.

It’s a real source of danger to your home and your belongings and also to your loved ones and yourself.

This type of accident affects more than 10,000 people per year, which is why it is becoming increasingly necessary to install a fire safety device.

A good detection system will detect and report at the earliest possible start of a fire, thus limiting its potential impact.

In France, legislation set the specific deadline for individuals to make sure that their fire detection systems were compliant at 8 March 2015 at the latest.

Today, all residences must be equipped with at least one smoke detector.

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