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When new installations are fitted, including those for lighting, nothing should be left to chance.

The comfort of a space often goes with the atmosphere it gives off and this, first and foremost, is driven by subtle luminous touches that we add with lighting. This can be done in several ways: By highlighting an object, a texture or a certain section of the room. Today it’s common to use ‘ambient’ lighting to illuminate living spaces.

Its primary objective is to create a particular atmosphere, often a cosy one, that is often sought after.

Lighting is also closely linked to well-being.

There are many aspects to consider when optimising lighting: Wattage, temperature or degrees Kelvin, incandescence/luminescence, glare-free, adequate and even illumination, lack of reflection, shadow management, colour rendering....

SAS ETE helps you with matching your lighting choices with the rooms and sections that you wish to highlight or just simply to be comforting to the eye.

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Electric heating has long suffered from bad press due to the amount of warmth it gives and the cost of the energy it uses.

The bad old days of old electric heaters ended a long time ago. Electric heating solutions are gentle and comfortable and work as well as central heating or for underfloor heating and hot water. Of course, we offer modern electric heating solutions by many manufacturers.

For renovations, high-performance electric heating can be easily installed and immediately produces significant energy savings.

New electric radiators are now intelligent (they come on due to a presence sensor, go off if windows are opened, can be programmed remotely...). The controls and programming are easy to install and economical for renovations (wireless control solution by radio transmission, access and control by internet and smartphone).

Intelligent economic electric heating really has found its rightful place in renovation work.

With heating, the comfort - for most people- is about going into a room and experiencing a feeling of well-being without necessarily knowing where the heat in the room is coming from.

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Electric underfloor heating

For premises with good thermal quality, electric radiant underfloor heating ensures a total underfloor heating solution.

It’s easy to install and and has all the other benefits of underfloor heating: comfortable to walk on, a lower comfortable temperature which makes it more economical, no visible transmitter (more visually appealing), dust is not moved around the room....

For low-energy consumption buildings, heating requirements are reduced, heat loss is reduced and the power needed is also lower.

Heat pump (heating/air conditioning)

The heat pump is a very efficient electric heating solution because it allows you to recover thermal units present in the air by using a compressor running on electricity.

On average, and according to the specifications of your project and the type of heat pump installed, the geographic area, the heat or cooling needed to heat or air-condition your residence comes from a heat pump which works by using 2/3 ambient air (can be thought of as free) and 1/3 electrical energy.

A heat pump is therefore considered a renewable energy heating system.

The pump, if it is more economical for energy consumption, requires more complicated installation precautions than normal electric radiators. Several heat pump solutions are available, depending on whether the heat pump is an air type pump or a water type pump, or even water source or ground source for the less common types.

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Optimum process control

With electric heating, it is essential and easy to equip it with good controls and programming so that there is the least possible wastage of kilowatt-hours.

This allows you to achieve significant energy savings:

  • by lowering the thermostat by 6°C when you’re not there, for example, or
  • by lowering the temperature by 4°C when you’re asleep, or
  • by lowering it by 10°C when you go on holiday for a week.

Don’t forget that a 1°C drop in temperature is generally between 5 and 7% of your consumption at least!

To do this, use convector heaters or radiators on their ‘reduced night’, ‘absence’ or ‘eco’ settings. In the event of prolonged absence, choose the frost protection setting.

When you get home, it will be tempting to reset the thermostat to its original setting. Simply set it to the ‘comfort’ setting. The temperature will rise rapidly. Finally, to benefit from an efficient system throughout the year and avoid tampering with the thermostat, it is beneficial to use a programmable or smart energy manager, which automatically ensures that your electrical heating appliances are set to comfort mode, eco mode or frost protection setting when you need them to be.